Climbing Kilimanjaro for Charity:
A growing number of Team Kilimanjaro climbers are nowadays climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity, we suggest that it may nonetheless be in the interests of their cause to let us know, if they are happy to do so. Indeed, for some climbers the knowledge that climbing Kilimanjaro for charity may allow them to offset some of their own fundraising costs may be instrumental in their decision to climb, if they are in any doubt at the outset as to whether they are in a suitable position to finance their proposed fundraising trip.
We organize climbs of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, to raise money for ZARA Charity   the charity is a non-government organization established since 15/06/2009 under non-government organization act 2002 section 12(2) of act no.24 the organization aims at supporting vulnerable groups in the community.
Zara charity play a vital role to enhance community economic development especially by supporting vulnerable groups in the community such as orphans, maasai women group, and poor people such as porters who climb mount Kilimanjaro and meru through various community project But for us the emphasize is made on three Charitable activities include Kilimanjaro Orphanage Center where by  The Kilimanjaro Orphanage Center in Pasua was founded in early 2009 by  responding to the recognized need to provide care and shelter to an increasing population of orphaned children in the Moshi area. That provides residency care for orphaned children as well as day care and community support for other children at risk Currently we accommodate 52 children mostly between the ages of 4 and 10 at a site in Pasua. Our eventual plan is to care for about 100 children utilizing the present property as well as a second property to be obtained south of Pasua area. We provide our residents with matron supervision, regular nutritious meals, clothing, school needs that include uniforms, books, materials and fees, per month we spend 100$ per a kid in each service mentioned.

The activities which can be done on the orphanage for those who will be interested to share with them include the followings:-

  1. in the morning children are prepared to go to school for those who are standard one and above
  2. then to do some clearness on the dormitory and center environments in general
  3. then from 8:00am we do have the kindergarten class at the center where you can participate in teaching lessons like mathematics and English
  4. during the porridge break you can play different games with the kids so you need to have playing material for the kids
  5. other activities is that we have some farm activity where we cultivate food crops like rice onions and maize so if you are interested you can participate too

Then in the evening we do have a football match with the matured kids you can come and play with them, those are some but we have more you can come and share with us that all about Kilimanjaro orphanage. 
Then the Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society where we will have two activities on this, the first activity is to make a ponjure (a rain coats) for the porters who climb the mountain the property will be made up of reflectors which are printed with names of the group or person who will fundraise for its creation, we have 800 porters and cost for one coat is 15$.  
The second activity is  the Tree Planting Project because it wasn’t too many years ago that the world has been reported to have a global worming in its different natural features, but also the degradation activity brought by the population which needs to sustain their life like tree cutting for burning charcoal and fire wood, this was among the many reasons which make us to interested not only to show you visitors the natural features we have but also to collaborate in preventing them from pollution and degradation, through planting the trees on the spring which is located behind our spring land hotel.  
The area which surround the source of spring land covers the total area of 3 hectors and the place have the scarcity of 2,000 trees and up to now we have covered the total number of 300 trees with the remaining of 1,700trees, Its due to this needs that we have decided  as the Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society (MKPS) to collaborate with the guest we receive in the whole process of environmental conservation and planting trees which will help to compact the nature and the services provided by the place. By this time we have decided to plant more 100 trees and reach the total number of 500, hope that others will be interested and join our effort to reach those 2,000 trees we are expecting.

How To Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity
Once a climber has decided to climb Kilimanjaro for charity, they simply complete our fundraiser’s registration form. This form requires the climber to submit an image that they wish to be featured on their campaign page, and compose a short piece of text about themselves and their campaign.
Once we receive the completed form, we then begin work on creating a customised campaign page for the fundraising climber and email a link to this page for them to post on their Facebook page (if they have one), or simply to share in turn with family, friends and work colleagues.

 Kilimanjaro Fundraising - Subsidised Climber Costs

Under this option, and in line with Charity Commission guidelines, the charity will use a maximum of 49% of whatever sum is raised by fundraising / sponsorship to pay for the climb, with the remaining 51% remaining with the charity.
 Therefore, if a climber wants to climb at no personal expense, and assuming for example 4 people book to climb the 7 Day  Rongai route @ USD 2,041 per person and have no additional or upgraded  accommodation requests, if they were able to raise USD 4,165 they would then pay this amount to Zara Charity  who we would invoice USD 1,922 for the discounted climb cost and Zara Charity would keep the balance for their charitable causes, and there would be no personal payment necessary from the climber towards their climb costs. The climber would, of course, have to cover their own flights, visas, and any costs not normally included in a Charity Climbing.
 Similarly, if a climber is able to raise USD 2,000, then USD 980 could be used towards their climb costs, with the balance of USD 1,020 going to charity. In this case, as the climb costs are USD 2,041 per person, the climber would personally only need to pay the additional USD 942 (as Zara Charity would contribute USD 119 towards the fundraiser’s costs).
 In the case of a very successful fundraising campaign, if a climber is able to raise USD 10,000, this would be paid to the charity, who we would invoice for the USD 1,922 climb cost, and USD 8,078 would be kept by them for charitable causes.
 Obviously, if the group which made fundraising and would like 100% of all the money that they raise to go directly towards the charitable work of the organisation they are supporting, and may therefore have qualms about a charity-subsidized fundraising system, they should please be assured that generally speaking that will be done and they will participate and receive the monitoring and evaluation report on what going on through the activities identified on the Charity Climbing below.