One-time donations


Get Involved!

Thank you for your consideration in supporting the efforts of our member charity organizations! There are four different methods of support to match every philanthropist’s preferences. Anybody can get involved through our membership program, child sponsorship, one-time donations, or volunteering.

Membership Program

our membership donation program is designed for those who do not want to donate to any one project in particular, but would rather donate to ZARA Charity as a whole. The money will fund the projects that are listed at the "current projects" section and you can freely choose the amount and frequency of your membership donation. Every year you will get a report what exactly your money has been used for.

Click here to become a member.

One-time Donations

If you would like to make a general donation to support the projects which are listed at the "current projects" section, please click here. You can also donate directly to one of our member organizations by choosing the name of the organization from the drop-down list on the form. You can freely specify the amount you want to donate.


If you would like to donate your time in the form of volunteering with a ZARA Charity member, then we can arrange for several different volunteer programs to match your particular interests. We can either set you up with cheap local housing for a long-term volunteer trip, or you can book one of ZARA's Voluntourism packages by clicking here. To find out more about Voluntourism and the various volunteer options provided by ZARA Charity, please click on the "Volunteering" heading above for more information.