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How we help/ How we are helping


How we help/ How we are helping

Zara Tours Adventure in Collaboration with Zara Charity is aimed at ensuring a minimum standard for wages. In so doing, we are making sure, that every porter who is registered under the company receives 8,000 Tsh per day. We’re also seeing to it, that as registered porters, they have an identity card and a bank account, which can help us to distribute their amount of money on a regular basis. In addition to that, we are able to secure the properly handling of money of our porters.

Load carried by the porters:
Applying accordingly to the Tanzania National Parks Act, it is recommended, that every porter should carry a load limited to 25 kg. This weight includes the company cargo and the porters own gear. Assuring this requirement, our company in collaboration with Zara Charity affirms that the following standards have to be checked together with the visitors from the point of departure at the hotel:

  1. Initially, the whole cargo for the travel has to be prepared
  2. According to the number of porters and visitors we have, the load has to be distributed equally
  3. Not to neglect is lastly the weighing of each individual cargo to comply with the required standards of 20 kg per porter plus 5 kg in addition for the porters own gear

It is not only this individual effort, proposed by the company in collaboration with Zara Charity, but also the management of the respective National Parks, that cares for the compliance with these guidelines. Before entering a park’s gate and climbing the mountain, the parks’ officers are in an endeavor to approve the proposed weight of each cargo.

Fair tip distribution:
A tip is not comparable to a contract. The charges depend on the willingness of each visitor due to various reasons, mentioned below:

  1. How the visitors have enjoyed their tour trip in general
  2. The visitors contentment depends on the assistance they received during the trip, but also
  3. on the clarification of the natural features observed,
  4. on the individual caring  in case of accidents or disease and also
  5. on the food prepared.

Considering these services, the visitors can agree to provide a motivation to the crew for a well done job. This is the normal process the company is aware of, but in order to assure a fair tip distribution among the employees, the company under Zara Charity has decided to provide a tip sheet. Thereupon, we specified six important employees, such as guide, assistance guide, porter(s), cook, waiter and the toilet porter. Bearing the sheet in mind, the visitors can discuss about the amount of each category. After the crew is back from the trip, the MKPSs office makes sure, that the employees confirm with their signature on the aforementioned sheet the amount of money they received.

Clothing and equipment:
We are conscious of the fact that the work which is done by the porters is hard and exhausting. In order to ensure their safety, the company is checking their clothing and equipment and is adapting it depending on the trip they are going to. There’s a difference between hut and camping route, latter is harsher. At any rate, the following equipment is supposed to be provided to the porters and the guide before their departure:

  1. rain trousers and jackets
  2. warm trousers and jackets
  3. shoes
  4. private bag
  5. take away food
  6. medical check up
  7. hiking sticks
  8. gloves
  9. caps

The mentioned equipment assures the porters safety during and after the tour trip.

Food and water:
Among our first priority aims there is the effort to keep our porters and guides healthy. When the porters and guides are hungry, they can’t afford to perform a hard trip, due to this fact, the company provides meals, according to the type of trip. In case of hut trips, we are providing three meals a day, because there, they have enough time. For camping trips like climbing, we are providing two meals and we consider the porters’ advices to carry their own take away food, locally known as “Makomeo” to ensure sufficient provision in case of temporary hungry.

Number of the crew according to the number of visitors:
So as to guarantee the porters are not overloaded, the company has decided to endow with the adapted number of porters according to the type of trip they are going to. The cargo carried during either hut trip or camping trip, there’s no big difference: we provide three porters per visitor and in addition a cook, a guide and an assistance guide. Concerning the camping trips of Machame, Rongai, Umbwe, Lemosho and Shiva, we provide four porters, a cook, a guide, an assistance guide and in addition a toilet porter, due to the tent which needs to be carried.

Porters’ treatment:
Injured porters and sick ones are supplied with first aid from the first aid kit, kept by the crew leader. In serious cases, we facilitate the transport back to the MKPSs office. On their arrival, they receive the money. Thereby the company under MKPS pays all the treatment costs with the aid of the money generated form different sources, like the percentage from each visitor and their own contribution (at each work performed by them).