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For those desiring to give hands-on support to one of our member organizations, ZARA Charity is able to offer a number of volunteer options ranging from two or three days to a year or more.

  • Voluntourism

Voluntourism is an exciting rapidly growing development in the tourism industry. When you come to Tanzania to do a safari or Kilimanjaro climb, you can add one to three days of voluntary work to make a positive contribution to the country you are visiting.

ZARA Tours offers several voluntourism extensions to your Tanzania holiday which include accommodation at the ZARA Springlands Hotel Moshi or Highview Hotel Karatu, transfer and guide to the charitable organization, and a monetary contribution to the organization.

* Spend a day at an orphan centre in Moshi or Karatu and interact with the kids
* Let a local women initiative explain you their work and show you their projects
* Plant trees at a deforested area in the Kilimanjaro region


  • Short Term Volunteering

From single travelers to large groups, ZARA Charity is able to organize short term volunteering opportunities (a couple of days) with several of our supported organizations. Prior to your arrival, we will put you in contact with the director of the requested organization to organize the scope of your project or involvement. Many options are possible from individuals providing for instance dental care training at an orphan centre to groups building a school room.

You will stay either Springlands Hotel Moshi or Highview Hotel Karatu and we will provide all necessary logistical support.

This is an interesting option for travelers to Tanzania who want to get a first-hand experience about the reality of a developing country outside the typical tourist spots and who want to establish a personal relationship with a charitable organization for a good cause.

Volunteers in Karatu

  • Long Term Volunteering

For many, the chance to spend several weeks or up to a year or more volunteering for a worthy cause is a most meaningful, even life-changing experience. For such long-term volunteering options it is typically necessary to have a Tanzanian Residence Permit, to get a proper preparation prior to your stay in Africa, and to have someone who can assist you 24 h if needed. Our partner World Unite! offer such services to individuals who want to do long term volunteering with any of the organizations supported by the ZARA Charity and many other NGOs in the whole of Tanzania, Advice and communication to find the project that best fits your interests is free of charge and you only pay a modest fee for the services that are difficult to arrange by yourself such as getting the Tanzanian Residence Permit. Accommodation for long-term volunteers is usually at affordable rooms and apartments or with local families that are chosen by World Unite! In terms of location, safety, hygienic standards and previous volunteers' ratings.

Long-term volunteering