Welcome Letter From Zainab Ansell
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Welcome Letter From Zainab Ansell

"Dear Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to Zara Charity! This website represents the latest chapter of ZARA Charity philanthropic efforts of enhancing community economic development especially by supporting vulnerable groups within their local community such as orphans MAASAI women e.t.c. and I am grateful for you taking a moment to explore our work and the member groups included under the ZARA Charity umbrella.

For sometime we have deliberated on how best to continue our charity work and provide opportunities for our previous clients and friends and any person touched to participate. As you can see the rates of poverty and personal challenges that exist in a developing country such as our country Tanzania. Many people are interested to support those vulnerable groups in Tanzania  but  they don’t know where to start or how to properly give support so as to ensure that their assistance truly benefit those in need.

I believe this website is the answer for these challenges. Each of our ZARA Charity member groups has met rigorous accountability and transparency requirements to be included in our organization. We have also created an infrastructure where donations received by ZARA Charity are managed by our organization and distributed in the form of supplies and materials. To provide the necessary follow up and ensure our accountability requirements are maintained, ZARA Charity maintains a small staff to oversee our support projects and provide updates to our support projects and provide updates to our supporters.

I hope you will join me in aiding these deserving organizations!

Best regards,

Zainab Ansell"